Archive FAQ
     Hello, all. Most of you know who I am; Nancy, your friendly neighborhood archivist. Though the list is fairly low-key right now, there are a lot of fics in the archive. I'm going to leave the ones currently there, as they are. There's a possibility that some day I'll be incredibly bored and decide to reformat them to add uniform headers, but I really don't see that happening just yet.

     If anyone has questions, feel free to email me offlist about them. I can be reached at

Now, on to the FAQ.

1) All fics submitted to the list will be archived, unless specified at the top of the fic, before all headers. I need something to catch my eye. There have been a couple of occasions where it was requested that I not archive, and I didn't figure it out until I'd already formatted the fic and was rereading to check for formatting errors.

2) Format your story. Nothing fancy. If you have indents, they won't show up when I archive it, but it doesn't bother me that they're there. The biggest problem is when the paragraphs are squished together, either in on big run-on paragraph, or with no blank line between. In that case, it's up to me to figure out where one ends and the next begins. It also takes at least twice as long to format. So, please, put an extra line break between your paragraphs.

3) Rate your fic. Some basic guidelines are:
G - General Audience. Would you read it to your three-year-old? (little sibling? neighbor's child?) Basic, maybe holding hands or chaste kisses. No violence.
PG - Parental Guidance. Short kisses, cuddling, some action/mild violence.
PG13 - Slobbery kissing, clothed frottage, blood.
R - Fellatio - described, not implied - sex, with no description of penetration, gore.
NC17 - Full descriptive genital penetration, torture.

4) Disclaimers. As much fun as it is to be sarcastic, a vague question, like "Do you really think Joss would do this?" doesn't work well. These should be specific, just in case, though they can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. If there's not already one on your fic, I will be putting something basic up when I get the chance. Something to the effect of: "All characters portrayed in this piece of fiction, are owned by their creators (in this case, Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, ect.). None of this happened."

5) Use warnings. Please specify if there's het content, angst, kink, multiple partners, suicide, death of a major character, incest, teen/underage, rape, violence, torture, blood-play, ect. Some people will be more drawn and others will know to stay away. Use your discretion.

6) If your fic has *anything* to do with a storyline in the show, please state it. If it doesn't, you can say that too. There are some that absolutely hate being spoiled. I know someone that once kept her fingers in her ears for an hour, while waiting in line for a movie. The people around her had already seen it, and were talking about it. So, yes - there are spoiler-free people out there. If you're not sure which episode then make a blanket spoiler like: Up to, and including, Season 3 (Season 2) or whatever.

7) This is more of a request, though it *should* be mandatory. Use a beta. Please, please, use a beta. It'll keep my eyes from crossing. Most of us can use the delete key when a fic bothers us; I can't. Not to complain or anything, because it gives me the opportunity to read stuff I probably wouldn't have, and be delighted, but it also, on occasion, makes me want to scratch my eyes out. There are a few beta volunteers listed at the archive.

8) I am perfectly willing to put up a newer version of your fic. Sometimes we realize, only after it's been submitted, that there is an error (or 12). We all do it. It sucks when your fic is imperfect, and out for all the world to see.

9) Below I have a sample header. I'd appreciate it if you'd all use it, as it will make doing the archiving just that much easier. It'll also make it easier for people to find a beloved fic. If you already have fic archived here and you want this header used on it, just send me the header - offlist. So long as the title and author match up with the email addy I have currently on the fic, I'll change it. If you've changed emails, let me know and we'll figure it out.

Header format:
(insert DO NOT ARCHIVE here if you
don't want it archived)
Email: (the one subbed to the list)
Website: (if you have one)
Archive: (See 1, also if you want to give/withhold permission to anyone else.)
Feedback: (If you have a different addy that you'd prefer to get it at, put it here)
Summary: (Notice the spelling? It's not a season. {g})
Pairing: (G/W, obviously. If anyone else is paired or it's a group, let us know)
Rating: (See 3)
Disclaimer: (See 4)
Warnings: (See 5)
Spoilers: (See 6)
Author Notes: (Anything else you have to add?)
Thank you: (Anyone who contributed to your fic, through suggestions or technical assistance. Also, See 7)

(Separate your header from your fic, and sections of the fic, with something like this)


Comments and suggestions are gladly welcomed.