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nakedflame@www.slashcity.org http://www.slashcity.org/~nakedflame
Title: Chocolate Toffee text
Summary: Candy
Notes: This was written for Isabeau who's name I got for Secret Slasha.
Rating: R
Title: What Dreams May Come text
Summary: I suck at these. Um. Wesley comes back to work.
Spoilers: Billy
Rating: R
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nestra@postmark.net No Website given
Title: Library Porn: Say Biblioteque Again, Baby text
Summary: Wesley and Gunn go to the library to do research, and by research, we mean...
Notes: Nestra and Shrift discovered it was Resonantís birthday. Nestra weaseled out a request for Wes/Gunn in the library with a candlestick and Mr. Peacock -- er, never mind.
Rating: R for m/m slash
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hussy@intergalactic.nu http://www.birdoftheweb.co.uk/narcoleptic
Title: Warriors text
Summary: Sometimes you do crazy things.
Rating: PG-13
Note: Odd little Wes/Gunn snippet that came about from IM-ing with Shelia and grew to slightly more than the original half a paragraph.
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