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Title: Sleeping Beauty text
Summary: So you think the cast are behaving like pod people in Season Three? How right you are.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Okay, I've been working on this piece for a while now. Obviously since before "The Price", which I have decided to ignore. Baby!Connor's still missing, the AI team are still inexplicably furious with the recovering Wesley.
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Title: Vampire Dreams text
Summary: Gunn's a little confused.
Rating: R
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Princess Twilite
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Title: End Of The World text
Summary: It's the end of the world, and since Cordy has taken Angel off into the middle of nowhere to cope with Buffy's death, that only leaves Gunn and Wesley to deal with it.. and other things. AU Season Three.
Spoilers: Post Season Three
Rating: PG-13
Title: Messiah text
Summary: Wasn’t a romance. It hadn’t bloomed in May. Fact was, they were more like charred bits of a puzzle trying to see if they still fit together. If they still fit… somewhere.
Spoilers: Post Season Three
Pairings: Wes/Gunn, some Gunn/Fred.
Rating: PG-15
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