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Title: Methods of Persuasion text
Rating: NC17
Author's Notes: This was supposed to be angst. It started out that way, really.
Spoilers: All of Angel Season Three; more specifically, the latter half.
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serafina20@hotmail.com http://www.slashcity.tv/serafina
Title: After the Fall text
Summary: The night after Gunn's `fall' from grace, he and Wesley sort some things out.
Spoilers: That Old Gang of Mine
Title: Rising Sun, Waning Moon text
Summary: Wesley muses about how his feelings for a certain friend have changed.
Spoilers: Season 2 up through "Ephiphany"
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mimesere@earthlink.net http://home.earthlink.net/~mimesere/
Title: Something Like text
Summary: In which French poetry is discussed and sex is had.
Rating: NC17
Notes: For Ins, Te, and Mir, 'cause they write me prettiness. Look! happysmut! Sorta.
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darth_shrift@yahoo.com http://bifictionalbedlam.slashcity.net/shrift
Title: Comfortable text
Summary: How unobservant can two people be?
Rating: NC-17 for Wes/Gunn slash
Notes: I've learned I can't write serious Angel stories to save my life, so this is nothing but zombies, slime, wrestling, and sodomy. I'm such a raging dork.
Title: Latency text
Summary: When time elapses between a stimulus and the response to it, it doesnít mean that response is any less.
Rating: NC-17 for Wesley/Gunn slash
Notes: Thanks to the DRV girls for beta, especially Nestra, because I'm sure I pestered her without meaning to.
Title: Library Porn: Say Biblioteque Again, Baby text
Summary: Wesley and Gunn go to the library to do research, and by research, we mean...
Rating: R for m/m slash
Notes: Nestra and Shrift discovered it was Resonantís birthday. Nestra weaseled out a request for Wes/Gunn in the library with a candlestick and Mr. Peacock -- er, never mind.
Title: Little Deeds text
Summary: Wesley angsts, Gunn hammers, and fuzziness ensues.
Rating: PG-13, W/G slash
Notes: Te and Sheila wanted Wesley-seduces-Gunn. I heart Te and Sheila. Wes and I really, really tried...
Title: Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson text
Summary: Bickering. Sex. More bickering. More sex. Stupid jokes. Visions. Did I mention the bickering?
Rating: NC-17 for Wes/Gunn slash.
Notes: For Sheila, 'cause she asked for fluffy romance. Beta thanks to the DRV girls. All remaining errors and stupidity belong to my impatient ass.
Title: Territorial Markings text
Summary: In which Gunn's pain is mocked and Wesley has no shoes..
Rating: PG, Wes/Gunn slash
Spoilers: Post-ep for 505 "Life of the Party".
Title: Thrall text
Summary: Big damn evil has kung fu grip.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Through Angel 418 - "Shiny Happy People".
Notes: I have no shame. In fact, my shame is off happily giving a blowjob to a man in a skirt. Yes, here at Chez Shrift we offer nothing but the most shameless Wesley'N'Gunn4Ever smut there is. Quick and dirty beta by Nestra.
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DoyleSpikeAngXan@aol.com No Website Given
Title: And the Past Came Back
Part 1 text Part 2 text
Summary: Wesley's past comes back to the surface and forces him it face reality.
Rating: PG13(swearing)
Notes: Slash warning!! This fic is Wes/Gunn but it also has a plot. This story kind of gets rushed through. It's short, but I liked writing it.
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starkee@another.com http://dae.slashcity.tv/~starkee
Title: Depth of Field text
Summary: Methos stumbles onto Angel Investigations, sans Angel.
Rating: G, for now
Title: Lights', Camera and One More Regret. . . text
Notes: It all started with a question: "So do you think he knew the camera was on?"
Rating: SLASH but pre-slash, only PG
Written with Dae.
Title: Realizations text
Summary: Just a little missing scene addition for the end of The Thin Dead Line.
Rating: G
Title: To Touch Him text
Summary: Gunn thinks about the changes in Wes and how things stand between them.
Rating: PG
Notes: Read the sequel, Getting Through the Night, by Dae.
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