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Title: Betrayed text
Summary: Trust is hard to earn and easy to break.
Notes: I'm going away for a bit, so I had to get something out before I had a stroke.
Rating: PG
Title: Ermentrude’s Whiskey text
Summary: There’s nothing that whiskey can’t fix.
Dedication: To my brightest Larstar, Happy Belated Birthday.
Rating: PG13
Title: Gone in 60 Seconds text
Summary: Gunn. When someone dies, everybody's affected.
Notes: Fred kept saying 'bad things always happen here' she was right - just had the wrong location.
Rating: PG13 for language and m/m implied
Title: Gunn's Blues text
Summary: Angst. Gunn.
Note#1: This is like my fifth effort to work off the trauma that this episode induced.
Note#2: Why is there no Gunn Slash list? Someone must fix this! Improv #26: Homophones.
Rating: PG-13 (m/m, language)
Title: Just Drive text
Summary: Gunn. Thinking. Memories. Family. Friends.
Note#1: All we see is him sitting in the car. What the hell is he thinking?
Note#2: Three hours at the computer. No beta. It's the *idea* people, that's why we call it improv - right?
Rating: PG 13 (language m/m implied)
Title: Only Natural text
Summary: Angel’s been away. Things change.
Spoiler: Welcome to AtS S3 ‘Heartthrob’.
Notes: I couldn’t write for three months and now I need a sodding Dictaphone to keep up with my muses - wankers.
Rating: PG (m/m implied)
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