Title: And the Past Came Back
Author: StarCat13
Rating: PG13(swearing)
Distribution: Not mine. All characters and places belong to master Joss.
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Author's Note: Slash warning!! This fic is Wes/Gunn but it also has a plot. This story kind of gets rushed through. It's short, but I liked writing it.
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Summery: Wesley's past comes back to the surface and forces him it face reality.


The day went slowly. No customers approached them and visions via Cordy were a no show. Things had been like that lately and Wesley realized something about himself. He was completely content, for the first time in his life everything seemed perfect. He had great friends and an awesome job that enabled him to help people. Even if Angel Investigations was busy, his existence was a happy one. Plus, there was Gunn. He caught him self flirting shamelessly with the other man and quite possibly getting flirted back at. All was well, until a man walked through the front doors of the hotel and changed his life, again.

Wesley didn't notice the bloke 'til he was right in front of him.

"Oh, how may I help y..." He trailed off, finally looking up from his book. He stood immediately, facing his father.

"Da, what are you doing here? I thought you were in England."

"Yes, well, I got very disturbing news from the council. Seems you had the chance to be a Watcher again and you refused. Is this true?"

"Yes, it is. I refused to betray a friend. I don't wish to be watcher again." Wesley fought to keep his voice steady. Talking to his father was never easy. Especially when Jonathan Wyndham-Pryce held his life in the palm of his hand, one squeeze and it'd be over. Just one clench of his fist and the past would be the future.

"I think we should discuss this further in my office." There, that wasn't so hard. His voice hadn't so much as quivered at the request. Once in the smaller room, Wes prepared for the wrath of his dad. And it came.

"Think your to good for us now. Think your much better than your own family." He said 'family' with sarcasm. "I demand you reapply for the Council immediately."

"Sorry, Da. I can't do that. I have a place and purpose here now."

Mr. Wyndham-Pryce raised his hand as if to hit Wesley. The younger man backed away, remembering the pain that pose usually brought.

"No," he said lowering his arm, "I'm not going to hit you this time. I'm going to disown you."

On a burst temerity, Wesley talked back, "Fine, the sooner the better." He regretted the words as soon as they were spoken.

"You find this funny now, but I plan on severing all ties. Including the Perception.

Wesley gasped, "No, please. I'm sorry; I beg of you, not that."

"To late son. You've made your own decision and I sealed your own fate. Maybe when you have no friends left to be loyal to, you'll realized your mistake. Goodbye."

Wesley stared after him then stumbled forward.

"No!" He cried out. His father was gone. The hand had closed on his existence. Legs nearly giving out, Wes steadied himself on the counter. Cordelia and Gunn came out of the other room, Angel from upstairs.

"What's the matter, Wes?" Cordy asked him. He collapsed into a chair looking like he'd seen a ghost. Which, with their jobs, was completely feasible.

"I...my father was here. He-he disowned me. I'm not welcome in my home any longer. Everything's changed." He stared out at nothing.

"It's alright Wes. No matter what your always welcome here. We're your family, just remember that and everything will okay."

Gunn looked at Wesley gently, resting his hand on the Englishman's shoulder and gave him a sad smile. Cordy spoke up, "Gunn is right. We're one big dysfunctional family."

"Thanks guys." He refused to tell them about the Perception. They'd know soon enough.

For the next couple of days Wesley couldn't sleep, because when he did memories from his youth returned.


A fifteen year old Wesley stood before his dad. Arms behind his back, head bowed.

"You're a waste of FLESH!!! You don't deserve the life you have. Being what you are I should have killed or abandoned long ago." The older man sighed, "But as you know it's birthday next week so instead I'm going to give you your first and last present from me. A chance to not totally shame our family."

The boy's head shot up at this revelation.

"Don't you look at me like we're equals. Your soulless; your below me!" Wesley felt himself fall at his father's push. He landed hard...on his bed. A dream, a dream that was true. He held in his tears and fell into a dark sleep.


The next day came without any events. Nothing unusual appeared to happen.

All of the crew asked Wes how he was. He said he was fine, that was a lie. An ominous felling hung in the air. It seemed only Wesley could tell something wasn't right. It was about noon when that something happened.

A large man-shaped figure burst through the doors. It was cloaked in black and it's face was hidden from view. The unknown creature headed straight for Wesley.

"Hey, who are you!?!" Gunn yelled. Wes was pressed against the wall scared out of his wits.

"No, not you again! No, not again! I don't want to be like that!" A large bubble appeared around the creature and then Wesley. Cordy, Angel, and Gunn beat away at it but it was of no use.

"It's to late. You are what you are. Now others will see it too." It waved it's gloved hand over Wesley and his shirt disappeared. It took a glove off revealing a gray withered stump. The unknown demon placed it on the smaller man's bare chest. A red glow cover his whole body and a black strip appeared on his upper arm. The grey thing strode back out of the Hyperion; leaving an unconscious Wesley sprawled on the floor.

"He's alive. I can hear his heartbeat." Angel said this as they gathered around the fallen man. "He's different. He smells..." The vampire paused and looked from Cordelia to Gunn. "Wesley isn't human."

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