Title: And the Past Came Back Part 2
Author: StarCat13
Rating: PG-13
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Warning: Slash! M/M Kissing. A couple of swears.
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"He's different. He smells diff....." Angel paused and looked from Cordelia to Gunn. "Wesley isn't human."

"But, how?" Before anyone could answer Cordy's question, Wes moaned and his eyes flicked open. They were purple with a ring of red in the center. They shut again and were normal when he looked up at a scared Gunn. Bluish-gray was the only color in the orbs now.

"Wes, are you okay? What'd he do? Your eyes?" The man was frightened for his friend and the questions just poured out. Wesley cried out when he saw the tattoo on his arm.

"Oh, no. He did it, he really did it."

"What's going on?"

"I don't. I'd rather not talk about it." He tried to look brave but everyone could she whatever had happened was ripping him up inside. He stood and began to walk away.

"Tell us. Please"

"You wouldn't understand." He turned and looked at them. "You'd hate me."

His eyes flickered violet again, but only momentarily. The comment he'd made was more for Gunn then the rest. He was the only one that had ever had a real problem with what he was.

"I swear, whatever this is. I could never hate you. Never."

Wesley sat back down against the wall. After he just stared off at nothing for awhile Gunn tried to get him to talk.

"Angel says you're not human anymore." Okay not the best way, but it worked.

"Never was," his voice mumbled, "I. I'm not human. I'm a demon." Gunn gasped and gaped at that revelation. Wes grimaced when he saw his friend's reaction.

"Why didn't ever tell us? How come I couldn't tell before?" Angel asked.

"I never told anyone in my life. To scared I'd be despised. The only person who knew couldn't stand me, so I kept to myself. The reason no one is able to see me for what I am is because of my dad. Father was so embarrassed of me that he called upon the demon sorcerer, Halloma, to cast a spell. It's called The Perception; it alters everyone's view of me. See, by the time I was a teenager, every time I was scared or angry or hurt I'd. Well, I'd change. He couldn't have that, especially with a son destined to be a watcher. It was my birthday present you know. After he finished beating me up and telling me how soulless, stupid, and useless I was; he gave me a chance to not shame the family."

"Um, how are you a demon if your dad is human?"

Wes almost laughed at that; "My mum had an affair."

"Oh. Wes, look at me." Wesley looked Gunn straight in the face; "I'm sorry you had to go through that, but no one here does or ever will hate you. I certainly don't."

The others nodded in agreement with Gunn.

"How can you not be disgusted by me. I can't stand myself." He whispered into his hands. A tear fell and ran down his cheek. That one-drop of salt water released what he was feeling and more followed rapidly. Gunn pulled the sobbing man into an embrace, trying not to burst into tears as well.

"Listen, first of all you're not disgusting at all, in fact I think you're cute." He started.

"You haven't seen" Gunn interrupted Wes.

"Shhh, I don't care about that. I care about you."

"Um, thank you but, I think I want be alone for a bit. Its not that I don't believe you it's just I need to think."

"Alright Wes, you don't have in until you feel up it. Just remember we want you here." Angel said, sympathizing with the sad man. He knew what it was like to feel ashamed of what you were and had felt the heartache at the reactions of his Sunnydale friends.

"It's okay. I'll be in tomorrow. Just for tonight. I'll be fine." He turned and walked toward the exit (after putting on a shirt of course). Before he could leave, Angel spoke.

"Wait. Wesley, I want you to know, you do have a soul. I can sense these things. You have soul and you're a good man."

He nodded once with a small smile and was gone.


Gunn was confused, but one thing made sense. He loved Wesley and he wasn't going to let this get in the way of their relationship. Wes being a demon wasn't so bad, he was still Wes, right. Life always had to be so difficult, Gunn thought and then sighed.

The next few days were kind of tense and as street wise as he was, Gunn didn't know have to make sure Wes knew he was cool with everything. Cordy and Angel never really had a problem with having demon friends. Angel, well, Angel had one inside him and Cordelia used to have Doyle. Everyone knew that the existince of good demons was a concept that he was battling with. After this though, he couldn't see Wesley as anything but a good, kind person. He decided that no matter what, he'd be with Wes. After all, you don't abandon someone you care about because thier different.


It was almost a week after Wesley's big revelation. The crew had yet to see him change. He was determined to hold that off for as long as possible, thinking that if Gunn finally saw him, that would be it.

Cordy was at home getting some rest while Angel was reading in his room.

"Hey, Wes. How's it going?"

"I'm just fine, Charles. Thank you for......" He trailed off.

"Well, well, well. You're still here. Have you not told them yet or did they just not see your real face?" Jonathan Wyndham-Pryce said, standing in the center of the Hyperion.

"Go away." Wes said, his eyes narrowed and then flickered purple.

"Oh, developed courage have we? Let's see what your friend thinks of this."

He knocked Wesley to the floor. He growled like a wolf and stood to face his father.

The Englishman's skin tinged a light purple and half-inch ridges appeared on the side of his forearms. Other than that and the eyes he looked EXACTLY like Wes usually looked. Gunn wanted to help his friend but knew Wes would stand up for himself this time.

"You may have been able to beat up on me when I was a child, but I'm thirty-five now. I won't let you ruin my life any longer!" He pushed his dad down the same way HE'D been shoved his whole life.

"I want you, to fuck off and never ever come back again!" Wesley added. John looked scared, especially when he was being lifted by his collar and forced out the door. Wes stood for a minute with his eyes squeezed shut, taking deep breathes. Then his skin returned to normal, the ridges melted away, and he ran out the exit. Gunn chased after him.

"Wait up," he yelled to Wesley, who was a long way in front of him. He slowed down but didn't stop altogether. Gunn finally caught up to him.

"Stay away from me," Wes whispered, "I'm a monster." Gunn placed his hand on the other's cheek, and brushed away teardrops. He gently rubbed Wes' neck and face.

"You're not a monster. You're the same you always was. A smart, cute guy that I care deeply about."



Gunn leaned forward and gave Wesley a soft kiss. The two continued to snog and Wes moaned when he felt a tongue rub against his. He moved closer to deeper the kiss.

"Excuse me. Um, I hate to bug you but I kind of had a vision. You two can continue to make out AFTER we save the world, again." Cordy interrupted.

They reluctantly pulled apart.

Wesley looked into Gunn's eyes and saw into his soul. He had meant what he said. They both would love each other, no matter what.


Alrighty then! That's it, unless of course you would like a follow up. If you would just write a review and I'll get my thinking cap on. If I do continue, the next story might include the Scooby gang some how finding out Wesley's little secrets. Thank you again all who reviewed part one. Oh, and snog is the British word for kiss or making out. I ran out of words for kiss. Sorry.

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