Title: Apocalypse
Author: James
Email: zortified@highstream.net
Rating: PG
Spoilers: speculation post-Angel episode 14
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit made
Archive: list archives only
Summary: it's one page long, with no warnings. You need a summary? :-)
Warnings: none


He stands there on the sidewalk, looking at the world -- this slice of street part of it, which, in LA, always seems to feel like the entire world. Wesley is standing next to him doing the same -- only Gunn doesn't know for sure what it is he's seeing.

"Looks like we saved the world," Gunn says, knowing it doesn't come close to saying anything he really means to say. Although he's damn glad they won, and he's damn glad that everybody he cares about survived.

"Yes," is all Wes says, and there's nothing Gunn can read in his voice. He doesn't know if the tone is put-on or not, but it's one that he hates, and one he hears in his head at night, even when he was holding onto someone else who slipped away.

Gunn glances over, and Wes is staring out. Doesn't look over, but Gunn knows he knows he's looking at him. Freaky shit eyes in the back of his head from what Faith says. Maybe it's a spell.

Actually, he wouldn't put it past Wes to do just that. Maybe he should ask for one, himself.

But there are too many other things he needs to ask, first. Too many things running around in his head, clamouring so loudly that he can't tell which one is the right one.

"You wanna go grab a burger?" he asks. He feels ashamed a second later, because it feels like he's taken the coward's way out.

Wes glances over, now. There's a moment when he says nothing, just stares at him, and Gunn realises that it was the stupidest thing he could have said. He's about to apologise and go inside, when Wes nods. There is almost a smile on his face -- then Gunn realises Wes doesn't smile anymore, so maybe this is a real one.

Gunn turns towards Wes' truck, and he thinks that maybe it isn't hopeless, and maybe more than the world can be saved. And maybe, if he's damned lucky and doesn't let things get so fucked up, then maybe someday he'll be able to kiss him again, too.

the end


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