Title: Busca Me (Find Me) - a fragment
Author: Indalia
Note: Pavane - a Spanish dance for couples... ('Spanish Doll' by Poe is the musical inspiration)


Busca Me (Find Me) - a fragment

A thin sliver of light partially illuminated the dark apartment, the only light that had managed to dance its way around the heavy curtains. But in this circumstance, its presence was not needed. In the darkness, two pairs of hands mapped solid flesh, memorizing, making their own paths. Enthusiastically finding their own way around and sight certainly was not necessary for that endeavor.

For Wes and Gunn, finding themselves in this position was a result of nothing more than a progression of their undeniably intertwined relationship. The current had been shifting between them for weeks, months, and to finally acknowledge it - give in to it - allowed them a freedom that could not be described. Denial of what hung heavy in the air between was deemed fruitless and neither of them had even bothered to attempt to. Instead, they gave in to the feelings, the attraction, to everything that inexplicably drew them to one another. Moth to the flame.

They had met one another in the middle of the room as if practiced, their lips coming together before any other body part connected. Open mouths, tongues lapping hungrily at one another's. The intensity could have been overpowering, frightening them into cessation, but the sheer joy, the obvious enjoyment of osculation carried greater weight than mere fear. Hands soon joined in the pavane, caressing, touching those night places - the corners that couldn't be touched and explored while in the daylight.

Gunn moved forward, Wes backward, their legs moving in an unrehearsed dance as they made their way toward a more solid surface. Gunn extended his arms, palms out, temporarily leaving the warmth, hardness, of Wes's body, in an attempt to prevent Wes's back from...

It was all for naught as the sound of Wes's back smacking hard against the wall reverberated around them. Gunn should have cared, felt bad for the hard surface that had to be pressing so tightly against Wes, but there were other things that he wanted pressing even tighter. Gunn gave his own breath while simultaneously taking Wes's into himself. Gave, took, received, all the while going even deeper. They were drowning on dry land, in each other and neither one wanted to be saved.

Gunn pulled away, looking intently into Wes's face, making out his features in the dark. Parted lips trembled, exposing the not-so-secret lust that lurked beneath the cool exterior. The heat beneath the ice. Melting. Wesley swiped his hand over his mouth, never with the intention of wiping away Gunn's taste, but to bring some sort of reality to the situation. To feel something other than this overwhelming need -- this bruising want that was threatening to take him over if he didn't... If he didn't...


...hear his name being spoken like that, in that tone, from those lips. Full and wet and wanting him. More of him. The tone of Gunn's voice said it all.

Give in.

Wes did.

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