Title: Home
Author: Kath vze25s65@verizon.net
Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish it all belonged to me. But then my name would be Joss, wouldn't it?
Rating: G
Summary: Gunn contemplates making some changes in his life.
Distribution: List archives and to anyone else who asks
Feedback: Hopefully, a simple 'yes please' will do.
Notes: Lame title, I know, but it seemed to fit what I wrote, so I went with it.


The wooden doorway frames his tall figure, deceptively bright sunbeams fighting their way through dingy, curtainless windows to cast his dark shadow into an even darker hallway behind him.

This bare, lifeless room may have been where he's lived for nearly a year, but it has never been Gunn's home. Charles hasn't been *home* since the day Alonna died. And maybe that's why leaving is so difficult. Moving out means more than finding a place with hot water, reliable electricity and a soft bed to sleep in. It means commitment to another human being again; loving and being loved in return. Something he hasn't allowed himself to do since the loss of his sister.

Alonna is dead. George is dead. What right does Charles Gunn have to be happy? Who is going to protect his heart from breaking again, the next time? It isn't too late. He can still unpack his meager possessions...say he's changed his mind, that it's too soon.

Yeah, right.

Charles is in love. Head over heels, giddy, butterflies in your stomach kinda love. Here, or on the other side of the world, it would make no difference. A smile cracks his somber face, just at the thought of lying in his lover's arms tonight, knowing he won't ever have to be alone again.

Strong arms like those now circling his waist. The soft breath of a whisper tickles his ear.

"Ready to go?"

Shouldering his bag, Gunn's free hand slides easily into the one waiting patiently for it.

"Yeah, Wes. Let's go home."


~~~The End~~~


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