Title: How's Tricks?
Author: Kath vze25s65@verizon.net
Disclaimer: It all belongs to Joss, Greenie, Mutant Enemy, etc.
Rating: R I guess. There is m/m contact.
Summary: Wes feels left out....and then he doesn't
Pairing: Wes/Gunn
Distribution: List archives; anyone else just ask. I won't say no.
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Notes: This is a silly little piece of fluff, to honor the holiday. Totally unbetaed, so forgive any silly mistakes.


They were about to leave. Without him.

Fred the Cowgirl in her denim skirt, calf high boots and cowboy hat; Gunn a passable pirate, complete with eye patch, red bandanna wrapped around his head and purple sash tied around his waist; and Cordelia, in skin tight leather, portraying some Angelina Jolie character that Wesley couldn't remember the name of.

Perhaps he shouldn't have dismissed Cordelia's holiday decorations as commercial and unrealistic. Or turned his nose up at Fred's invitation to help carve her jack-o-lantern. His attempts to explain the true origins of All Hallows Eve had fallen on deaf ears, even from Gunn.

"Yo, English. Ya gotta be down with any day where people are handing out free candy!"

It wasn't as if Wesley had actually *said* he didn't want to go to the Halloween party - being thrown at one of the 'in' clubs downtown. It simply hadn't occurred to anyone to invite him. It was true, he didn't have a costume, but surely any minute now his friends would be popping their heads through his office doorway with a 'Hey, Wes, why don't you come along? It's not too late. I'm sure we could find you something to wear.'

Yep, any minute now.

A serious of whoops and hollers and the sound of applause finally got the better of Wesley's curiosity. Carefully setting down the book he'd been pretending to read, he wandered out of his office to find Fred, lasso in hand, demonstrating her roping techniques on the round couch in the middle of the lobby. Gunn was standing nearby, waving around what looked suspiciously like the Prothgarian broadsword from the weapons cabinet. He was about to ask what was going on, when Angel came loping down the staircase, dressed in black leather pants, his wine-colored silk shirt and long black duster.

"Okay, guys, I'm ready. Let's go."

"Angel, you don't mean to tell me *you're* going along as well." All eyes shifted to the Englishman standing behind the desk, and he immediately regretted his choice of words.

Angel merely shrugged. "Sounded like fun."

"Yes, but you don't have a costume," Wes folded his arms across his chest and smiled triumphantly. Angel slipped into game face and Wesley's face fell. "Ah, yes. Vampire."

Cordelia began ushering everyone towards the door. "Try not to have *too* much fun while we're gone, Wesley, and don't you dare eat all the candy. That's for paying clients!"

Wesley stared after them in disbelief. "That's fine. I didn't want to go to your silly party anyway. I have far too much to keep me occupied around here." He scowled to himself and swatted at a rubber spider hanging by his head, only to let loose a string of colorful phrases when it snapped back and whacked him on the ear.


'Nightmare On Elm Street'


"Halloween IV'


'Abbott and Costello Meet The Werewolf'


The doorbell rang and Wesley groaned as he tossed down the tv remote and dragged himself off his couch yet again. Good thing he'd had the foresight to steal the supply of office candy before he came home, or he'd have had to face an angry mod of trick-or-treaters by now. Yanking open the door, Wesley shoved out the bowl of candy, mumbling 'Happy Hallo- Gunn?"

"Trick or Treat, English."

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at your *party*?" He winced at how childish that sounded, even to him.

Without saying another word, Gunn stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Eyes gleaming devilishly he removed the candy bowl from Wes' hands and set it down on the nearest table. "I just stopped by for my treat." His voice was low and seductive. Pulling Wesley towards him he wrapped his arms around the slim man's waist, blanketing Wesley's body with his own as he brought them together for a long, slow, passionate kiss. When they finally broke for air, Gunn leaned his forehead against Wes' and whispered, "Missed you."

"I really thought you'd gone off without me, you wanker," Wesley pouted teasingly, not letting Gunn out of his grasp.

"Wasn't any fun without you there."

They kissed again, Wesley caressing the back of Gunn's neck, while his lover fondled his ass.

"So, did you want to go back to the party?"

"What do *you* think?" Gunn chuckled, as he began to suck each of Wesley's fingers one at a time.

"I think..." Wes leered back at him, pulling away and leading the taller man towards the bedroom. "...that you've had your treats. Now it's time for some tricks."

Gunn laughed and stripped off his shirt as he followed, pinching Wesley's bottom as they went through the door. "Wes, man, I *love* the way you think."


~~~The End~~~


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