This is my first ever drabble and my first ever Wes/Gunn and my first ever Angel fic. That's a lot of firsts, so I don't know if it's really, really terrible or not. See! I said terrible things would happen if I got a Wes-muse! Darn it! Now I have to send this before I lose my nerve. And the author's note is longer than the story.

Drabble: Oh, Baby

"Aww, English. That soft, maternal side is peeking." Gunn teased walking into the Nursery, a room Cordelia had been free rein with decorating. Gunn thought she might have gone a bit over board with the teddy bears, but it was still...cute. And cuter still was Wesley sitting in a rocking chair, cradling what Gunn reluctantly had to call the cutest baby he'd seen in one elbow and a little blue bear in the other.

Wesley rolled his eyes, gesturing toward another chair. Instead Gunn sat beside the chair, watching Wesley's face.

"So, how long 'til we get one like that?"


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