Title: Realizations
Author: *kee
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Category: Pre-slash, missing scene.
Pairing: G/W
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Summary: Just a little missing scene addition for the end of The Thin Dead Line.
Rating: G

Disclaimer: Okay, so they don't belong to me except in my rich fantasy life where i ride around on a pony and live in a castle. Besides, i already owe the government enough money to have a really nice car or a small house, honestly would it really be worth it to sue me?

Notes: i am honestly truly working on my thesis, i'm just taking a short break. that's all. This one is for dae for her birthday because well, i can and it's the least i can do because she's the one who showed me the truly wonderful place that fan fiction is. =)


"What kept you?" Gunn stood as Cordelia entered the room, breaking his intense gaze with Wesley, slightly unsettled by the look that had passed between them.

"I just ran into, someone in the hall." She came up behind him as Gunn walked around to the other side of the room.

In a show of sudden and self-conscious affection, Gunn tapped his hand trying not to think how close the other man had come to death, how the other man's blood had soaked his own clothes, bleeding his life away. Shaking the image of Wesley, pale and tragic, from his mind Gunn offered him a supportive smile.

"D'you need anything?" He hadn't even been sure the other man was still alive after all the cops had dropped. For a heart wrenching moment, he thought they'd been too late.

Wesley shook his head and smiled, loopy with the drugs. He still looked too pale.

"The nurse at the station said we could stay for a little bit." Cordelia took a seat and pulled Wesley's hand into her own as Gunn returned to his side of the bed and restrained himself from doing the same. It was all right for Cordelia, but for him, now that Wesley would be fine, it would be weird.

Shaking his head, another half giggle escaped him. It sounded good on him. "You should go back and work on the eyeball." He waved his free hand, his fingers flopping from the lack of control.

Not even bothering to cover his smile, it was so good just to see him alive, Gunn looked over at Cordelia. He was hoping she would volunteer; he wasn't ready to leave yet. It still didn't seem quite real.

"Well, I was the one who was working on it while you were playing America's Scariest Home Videos." She patted Wesley's hand and stood. "Are you sure we can't get you anything?"

"No." He smiled. "And if anything comes up, Gunn can take care of me. He saved me you know." The smile turned on him and a painful, odd sensation swept through Gunn's chest.

Cordelia laid a hand on Gunn's shoulder as she passed on her way out the door. "Thank you," she said softly and then they were alone.

He leaned forward, trying to change the angle of the harsh hospital light on the already pale features. "You should sleep."

"'M not tired."

"It's been a rough day, I think you should try. What were you thinking coming after that cop like that? We knew there was something up." It was hard not to yell, Wesley looked so weak and small and tired, it seemed wrong.

Wesley shook his head in an exaggerated motion. "Cordelia agreed, you were in danger. I couldn't let you go out there alone." He yawned, but kept eye contact seriously.

Gunn shook his head, he didn't really know how to argue with logic like that. "You really should sleep." Reaching up, he turned off the light next to him, leaving only the harsh glare of the florescent bulb above Wesley's head.

"You were worried." It was almost a question, somehow he seemed more vulnerable in the lighting.

Nodding shakily, Gunn sat forward. "Yeah, I was worried. I didn't think we were going to get you out in time. I saw you there, in the street after he shot you-" He'd looked so surprised, like it hadn't happened and then he fell.

"You saved me though. You helped me." Wesley smiled at him again, his face disturbingly open. His eyes were starting to slide shut again.

He leaned forward and turned off the disturbing light he wanted Wesley to be as comfortable as possible. Moving close to the sleepy man, he brushed his hand over the pale, defined cheekbones. "I'll always come after you." Without thinking about what he was doing, moving entirely on instinct, he pressed a brief, soft kiss on the other man's lips and ran his fingers lightly over his eyelids. "Sleep."

Wesley clutched at his sleeve as he pulled away. "Don't go." His eyes were wide and suddenly frightened and awake. "I don't want to be alone."

Settling back in the chair and taking his hand, Gunn let his eyes adjust to the dim light. "I'm not going anywhere. I'll be right here."

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