Title : Ring Cycle (1/1)
Author : Gunbunny
E-mail : kabukivice@beeb.net
Rating : Sex. Swearing. Decide for yourself.
Summary : There's a nipple ring and you want *plot*? Gunn/Wes.
Disclaimer : Owned by people with far more money than me.
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Notes : Megs is responsible for this, she knows why. And Kate was extremely mean and refused to allow me to fade to black for the sex, damn her. So if the sex sucks blame me not. Plus kudos to Sheila for the beta.
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As Wes walks in the door, he tosses over his shoulder "If you could remove your top, this would be a lot easier."

"Always knew you just wanted to get me out of my clothes, Wes." Gunn grins, then winces as the next step pulls at the wound he got during the fight. He shrugs out of his coat, sits down while Wes fetches the first-aid kit. Angel Investigations' version of a first aid kit has enough bandages and other stuff in it for a small ER unit. He dreads to think what their hospital bills would be like if they didn't all know how to thread a needle.

Wes pulls out the disinfectant and cotton wool, douses it, then motions with it. "T-shirt too."

Gunn sighs. "Told you this was just an excuse."

"But of course. It's a secret passion of mine, forcing friends to get injured enough that I can get them to take off their clothes."

"Okay, okay." He reaches for the hem of his t-shirt, pulls it over his head.

There's a flash of light off something that Wes hasn't seen before, and Wes has seen Gunn with his shirt off plenty of times. It's a not unpleasant occupational hazard of having to tend to any wounds he receives during the job. Knows nearly all the scars, especially the ones Gunn's gathered in his time with Angel Investigations. But he's definitely never seen *that* before, and before for Wes means 'three days ago'. Everyone had a Ghostbusters moment of being completely slimed, and the rush for the showers was an attempt to break the world speed record, clothes being torn off any old how on the way there.

The flash was caused by a stray beam of light hitting the steel ring in Gunn's nipple. The left one, to be precise. Wes can't stop staring at it.

"Yo, Wes, you going to stand there with your mouth open all day? You seen it all before, and I know it's beautiful, but I got a nasty-ass gouge needs tending to here."

Wes has to shake his head to start functioning again. "Yes. Right." Reaches for the disinfectant and cotton wool, goes into automatic wound-dressing mode. Eventually he's finished taping the bandage on, and starts putting the items back in the box. When they're all in, he asks casually "May I ask when you acquired the nipple ring?"

Gunn passes a hand over it self-consciously. "Couple of nights ago. Got a little drunk, next thing I know, I'm in the tattoo shop handing over my money." Grins. "That why you were staring? Damn, English, if I'd known that was all it took, I'd have got it done ages ago."

Wes murmurs "Oh, you didn't need that to get me staring." Sees Gunn's expression. "Oh dear God. I didn't say that out loud, did I?"

"Uh-huh. Staring?"

"Apparently so." The light teasing tone that they constantly use seems to have disappeared with Wes' gaffe, to be replaced by something cautious with at least six levels of deeper meaning attached to each phrase.

"So, uh, you do that often?" Wes doesn't answer, distracted again by the ring. Without really processing his thought patterns, he reaches out to touch it, fingers brushing the cool steel. The minute movement of the ring in the rather sensitive piece of flesh makes Gunn shiver slightly. "Wes, what you up to?"

"Merely touching it. I was curious."

"Right. You finished being curious?"

"Hmm. I'm not sure." He gives Gunn a slight grin, then moves forward, brushing his lips against Gunn's, increasing the pressure slowly, then moving on to coax Gunn's mouth open with his tongue. It doesn't take much coaxing at all, and then it's all hot and wet and about the texture of Gunn's tongue as it twines around his and the inside of his mouth as Gunn responds.

They break, Gunn looking ever-so-slightly dazed and his pupils dilated so much that they're nothing but pools of black. He takes in a deep breath. "Damn, Wes, what was that about?"

Wes raises an eyebrow, grins. "Gunn, if you don't know what that was about, I'd have to believe you far more naive than I know you are."

Stretches out his hand again to brush Gunn's collarbone, light feather strokes across the skin there. Leans in again, but missing the mouth, instead going for just under his ear, little nibbles and licks along the jaw and grinning when Gunn's hands come up to clasp his shoulders, with an extra "Damn, Wes..." for extra points. Follow the skin down his neck, fingers tracing barely-there patterns on his torso. Little tremors from Gunn in response. Licks applied to the collarbone, nibbles down to the nipple ring, which he takes in his mouth and flicks. Another groan from his subject, one more suck and pull, and Gunn's hands are scrabbling at his shirt. "Get this off, Wes, we are getting this off you right now -"

Wes chuckles. "I'd like to keep this shirt in one piece, if you don't mind." He leans away, unbuttons it, and discards it, along with his glasses. Then he suddenly finds himself on his back, Gunn taking the chance to stare at him for a change.

A hand with its fingers spread wide runs down his torso, and Gunn breathes "Damn, English, you got enough to stare at of your own." The fingers pause as they catch in the indentation left by the bullet, making circles around it for a second, then the other hand joins them as they move further down, alternating hard touches with soft across Wes' stomach. Gunn leans forward, licking one long line up the torso he's concentrating on, pausing at the collarbone, then moving across a shoulder to an arm, down that to the long fingers. Takes one in his mouth and curls his tongue around it, eyes catching with Wes's.

Wes removes the finger from Gunn's mouth, firmly, then uses it to trace around his lips. "I believe these could be put to better use." His hands cup the back of Gunn's head, bringing the lips into almost-contact with his own. "Besides," he adds, little hisses of breath going over Gunn's lips with each word spoken, "I can think of something I'd much rather have them wrapped round than my bloody finger." Okay, so it's not really dirty talk, but it's as near to it as Gunn's ever heard Wes use. The swearing Wes indulges in when he's pissed at something doesn't count, because there is no way that's ever gone straight to his groin like this does.

Closes the distance between them and practically devours Wes' mouth. His hand reaches down between them, fumbling with the button of Wes' trousers, finally getting it open, the zip and boxers no obstacle after that. Runs a finger from the base of Wes' cock to the tip, grinning at the way Wes hisses into his mouth, wrapping his palm around it and giving a slight tug.

That causes Wes to jerk away from him, glaring. "I would prefer *not* to come in my trousers, if you don't mind." He points imperiously at Gunn's boots. "Off before we go any further, please."

Gunn raises an eyebrow. "Romance gone from this relationship already, English?"

Wes, who's already removed one shoe, sets it down. "Gunn, this is quite simple. Removal of your trousers will get you a blowjob, and since I intend to do far more to your body than a blowjob, the boots come off too. Is that incentive enough?"

"Damn, English, do you have to be so wordy about one simple statement?" Gunn asks, attacking his bootlaces, and spending as much of it leaning against Wes's exposed skin as possible.


He grins. "Sex. Now. Clothes. Off. Think that sums it up."

Wes rolls his eyes. "Very funny." Both pairs of trousers drop almost simultaneously to be kicked away into a pile with the footwear. Wes pulls him over, attacking his mouth again, palms skating down Gunn's back, applying pressure to press them together at the groin. Gunn groans at the feel, shifting to get more contact while Wes' palms make circles on his bum, moving outwards to grasp his hips. He breaks away from kissing to him to murmur in his ear "Demon-slaying : the new way to develop a damn-near perfect arse."

"You have to choose now to bring it up?" Gunn moans, hands clutching at Wes' shoulders.

"Mm-hmm." Wes replies, lowering his head to bite Gunn's collarbone, then shifting further down to bite and lick down his torso. He stops at his bellybutton, pausing to swirl his tongue around it, chin bumping against Gunn's leaking hard-on, raising his eyes to meet Gunn's. "Now, there was something I promised I'd do down here if you got your trousers off. What was it again?" A somewhat incoherent groan and slight shove downwards is all the response elicited from above. "Oh, if you insist." He chuckles. Takes a swipe across the tip with his tongue, tasting him, then starts to suckle thoughtfully on the head, rubbing the tip of his tongue against the underside, releasing it for a few seconds before going down on it, licking and sucking until Gunn's moaning, head thrown back and digging into the couch, one hand clutching at the nape of Wes' neck, the thumb rubbing through the hair there, the other alternately clutching and grasping at Wes' shoulder. Just as Gunn's almost there, Wes lifts his head to contemplate his subject's state.

"Fuck, Wes, why'd you stop?" Gunn gasps.

"No reason." He ducks his head back down to suck, one hand reaching up to pull on the nipple ring. Gunn goes over the edge with the extra stimulation. As he's slowly coming down, Wes shifts himself up the couch to get level with Gunn's face, kissing him and letting Gunn taste himself in Wes' mouth once he's regained a few braincells. Enough braincells to register the hardness poking into his leg and start stroking it slowly. Wes makes an impatient noise at the back of his throat, Gunn grins, slows it down to near snail's pace before moving faster, Wes burying his face in Gunn's neck when he comes.

Lying there in the afterglow when the clacking of heels on marble intrudes into their consciousness. Before they've pulled their wits together enough to do anything, the voice of Cordelia descends from on high. "You did it on the *couch*. I can't believe you two, that is beyond gross, and hello, not wanting to draw in clients with a free sex show unless we seriously change the nature of our business."

"We're never going to hear the end of this, are we?" Wes murmurs.

"Nope. Next time we're using your place." Gunn replies.

"Oh, you are so keeping to that promise, let me tell you." She replies. There's a pause in which she taps her fingers on her crossed arms. "Gunn? When did you get a nipple ring?"



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