Title: Beside the Morning Sun
Author: James Walkswithwind
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn
Series: Scene Shots
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Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit made
Summary: a single shot scene.


Beside the Morning Sun

Morning comes, creeping across the floor slats like a kitten, unsure of its welcome, but starving for breakfast. Eagerly pouncing ahead, then halting, glancing around for any sign of life. Wesley is content to let it creep about on the floor, as long as it stays there and out of his eyes. He's not often awake this early without having been awake all night, and he's not really in favour of being awake now. He's sure he didn't get to sleep until three hours ago, and it defies all reason to explain why he's lying here, eyes open, thinking seriously about climbing out of bed to fetch a cup of tea.

Perhaps he just needs to use the loo, and then he can crawl back into bed and be done with it, until noon.

Wesley wakes up a bit more, just enough to determine the state of his bladder. Doesn't seem to be in need, so he ought close his eyes and... ah.

So that's why he's awake.

He moves his hand to grab the fingers that are now sneaking back up his stomach, and holds them not too tightly, just enough to stop them from doing more damage: waking him further, until he cannot fall back asleep. There's a noise behind him, which is intended to sound like someone's asleep, and wondering what's up with his fingers. Wesley isn't fooled.

Speaking will, however, do the damage. He wants to be asleep, warm and tucked under the blankets and inside the embrace of the one who -- normally -- makes sleeping the most wonderful preoccupation there is. Barring, of course, the obvious reason he's been wakened now.

"I am *not* losing an hour's sleep, to have sex again." Wesley tries to sound stern, but he yawns halfway through.

Gunn snuggles closer, behind him, pressing what few millimetres of flesh were not already touching, against his body. "Why not?"

"Because I've only had three hours' sleep," Wesley replies, glancing at the clock to verify. Yes, in fact, it is barely five am. What on earth made Gunn think he had any interest...other than the very interested parts of him which didn't wait for him to awaken?

Gunn's fingers find those bits, and Gunn chuckles, and it comes through more as vibration along his spine, than sound in his ears. "You sure 'bout that?"

Wesley sighs, glad Gunn cannot see him grinning. In a resigned tone, he says, "Do as you must, then. I'm going back to sleep."

There's silence for a moment. "You're gonna sleep through this?"

Wesley doesn't answer; he closes his eyes and lets go of the fingers he'd captured. Settles himself back down in his pillow, in his cocoon of warm and soft and the sharp odor of sex, from all the times since Friday, when he changed the sheets on the bed. Fingers sneak down his belly, twirling through imaginary hairs before reaching the patch of pubic hair they card through as though they already know their way. Wesley doesn't stir, though he feels his thigh muscles trying to tense, and stretch. He holds still, and bites his lip when fingers touch the tip of his cock. There's a kiss on the back of his neck.

"You really wanna sleep?"

The nearly full erection pressed against the hand at his groin would say otherwise, but Wesley nods. "Yes, please," he says calmly, not really caring if Gunn pushes, or not.

A large hand cups his cock, holds him in. The fingers still, and there is another kiss on his neck. He feels Gunn moving, laying his head back down. "Go to sleep, Wes."

Wesley smiles again, doesn't open his eyes, doesn't move. Seconds later he is asleep.

the end


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