Title: Beside the Sun at Dawn
Author: James Walkswithwind
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn
Rating: G
Series: Scene shots
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Archive: list archives
Spoilers: Fredless
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit made

Beside the Sun at Dawn

She kinda likes it. She isn't sure she ought to - she remembers, growing up, that things like that were wrong. Nobody talked about it at all until high school, then Jason got beat up and her mother explained to her why. Everybody at school said he had it coming.

Fred doesn't remember what she thought about it, back then. She doesn't really know what she ought to think about it, now. But nobody has asked her, and nobody else seems to mind. Cordelia even thinks it's cute.

She can tell Angel doesn't like it, but she isn't so sure it's because they're two guys. Vampires might not have the same moral code as humans, anyhow. Even souled ones. But she thinks maybe it isn't because it's just two guys. She thinks maybe it's because it's them.

She hasn't asked anyone if it's really all right. This is LA, after all, and things are OK here when they aren't OK anywhere else. There are monsters here, after all, and back home the monsters under the bed and in the closet were bad things. Here, they're mostly bad things. Sometimes they're not. They had dinner with a monster just yesterday, and he told jokes and made her laugh.

So maybe sometimes this is OK. For two guys to be in love and nobody says anything. Because she knows if anyone deserves to be happy, it's her new friends. They've been through so much that those Powers they talk about owe them something. She thinks they do, anyway, even though nobody asked her. She'll tell them if they do.

In the meantime, she'll concentrate on learning about the world five years later, and making things that will help them when they have to fight the bad monsters, and learn how to talk without making people's eyes glaze over. Because they do, she can tell - but they always have. Even when she was a little girl. Her parents always thought it was cute.

She doesn't think she ought to tell them about this, though. She's not sure they'd like it, and she doesn't want to cause that sort of trouble. Of course, she didn't think they'd approve of her killing monsters for a living, either. Maybe they wouldn't mind, if she explained that no one else is really right for them. It'd be different if Wesley was a professor at the college, and Gunn was football player. Then there wouldn't be anything really bad in their lives and they could date normal girls who didn't know about monsters. But they aren't, and they can't, and Fred thinks...that maybe that makes it OK. And maybe it's supposed to be.

the end


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