Title: Beside the Rising Sun
Author: James Walkswithwind
Rating: PG
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn
Series: Scene shots
Disclaimer: not mine, no profit made
Spoilers: none
Feedback: yes, please
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Beside the Rising Sun

They're giggling. He knows they're giggling, and he would be hard pressed to explain it away if they were to be discovered. That's not likely, not here, not now. But luck is never on his side, and he knows that simply because they're giggling, *someone* shall walk in and rip the blankets away and stare down at them. Demand to know what has possessed them, and probably begin a purification ritual before he can stop laughing long enough to halt them.

It isn't that Wesley minds giggling. It's just so utterly unlike him -- even less like Gunn -- that he knows he'd be mortified to be discovered.

That isn't enough to make him attempt to stop. He's not sure he could, if he tried, because when he thought of trying once before, Gunn looked up at him and grinned through his own giggles and set Wesley off again.

Wesley is sure that tomorrow they shall pretend this never happened. They'll tell anyone who asks that they were having sex, and that will discourage any further inquiries.

If it doesn't, they'll make something up.

He hears Gunn trying to breathe, and Wesley puts his hands on Gunn's sides, feeling the smooth skin under his fingers expanding...expanding a bit more...then he digs his fingers in and hears a loud, most unmasculine shriek. His hands are knocked away and suddenly Gunn is on top of him, holding him down, and they're both giggling again too hard to continue the horseplay.

Wesley's stomach muscles are beginning to hurt. He opens his own mouth to draw in a deep breath, and feels Gunn's hands on him. He bats them away before Gunn can retaliate, but doing so prevents him from ceasing laughing long enough to breathe deep. He's panting, instead, giggling as hard as Gunn is.

He makes another half-hearted attempt to stop himself, and he catches sight of Gunn's face, all crinkled up in his own silly laughter, and Wesley cannot help himself. They'll have to breathe later. For now, he just holds Gunn closer, and feels Gunn's body vibrating against his own. He giggles, and feels Gunn giggling with him.

the end


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