Title: Where Would you get that Idea?
Author: Mecca Sturino
Rating: PG and that's stretching it. G really. Slash
Summery: Cordelia and Angel realize something about their co-workers

Fred twisted a strand of hair around her finger, glancing around the lobby of the Hotel. Finding it mostly empty she approached the desk. "So, um...how long have Wesley and Charles been...together?"

Cordelia spewed her diet soda all over the magazine she'd been reading, soaking it through. "What?! Oh, you mean, how long has Gunn been on the team? About a year." She chuckled. "For a minute I thought you meant together as in...together."

Fred bit her lip. "I did."

Cordelia began shaking her head. "No, Fred. Where would you get an idea like that?"

"Well, they just act like it."


"They touch each other's shoulders a lot, and look at each other..." Fred hesitated.

Cordelia moved to lean against the wall. "Oh, god. How could I miss it? Damn it. After the hospital." She slapped her forehead lightly. "Stupid. Stupid, Stupid."

Angel wandered into the lobby and stood for a moment staring at Cordy who had slid down to a sitting position. Finally he turned to Fred and whispered "Why is Cordelia stupid?"

"She just realized Wesley and Charles are involved." Fred whispered back.

"What? Well, they've been involved in Angel Investigations together for about a year..."

Fred shook her head, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. "Romantically involved."

Angel's eyes widened. "Wha- what gives you that id-...Oh, god. I'm an idiot. How could I miss this?" Fred resisted the urge to agree, but offered a half-smile and shrug instead.

Angel joined Cordelia behind the desk, and banged his head against the wall.

Wesley and Gunn walked into the lobby about half an hour later, laughing and Wesley lightly pushing the other man's shoulder.

"Hey, Gunn! Hi, Wes!" Cordelia's voice was high, and artificially cheerful.

Wesley's eyes narrowed. "Hello, Cordelia. Is everything all right?"

Her voice still high and cheerful she replied. "Everything is great. What could be wrong?"

"As near as I can tell, Cordy, it must have happened sometime after he was shot. I put my money on mid-Mar-." Angel abruptly stopped and tries to nonchalantly hide a notebook behind his back. "Hi, Wes, Gunn. Been back long?"

" A couple of minutes." Wesley replied, exchanging a side-long glance with Gunn.

Instantly the two humans rushed the vampire, who raised his arms in self-defense, making it easy for Wes to grab the notebook. Opening it, he read, his jaw tightening. Silently he handed the book to Gunn, who read it equally as silently. "Mid-March, huh?" he said as he finished. The vampire actually blushed, as did the beet-red Cordelia.

Wesley struggled to maintain a calm fašade. "I cannot believe you would make bets on the romantic lives your co-workers. And in any case...Gunn and I? Where would you get an idea like that?"

Silently, chastised Cordelia and Angel pointed toward Fred, the thin girl having entered the room moments before.

Wesley turned on his heel and walked out. Gunn followed, turning for a moment to mouth to Fred.


Angel and Cordelia's mouths dropped open. Outside the door, they could hear Wesley laughing. "Did you see their faces?" was vaguely heard, followed by "How could they have missed it?"


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