The Third Anniversary Challenge

     February 20, 2004 was the three year anniversary of the Gunn/Wesley Archive. This year has been pretty slow for the list and the archive both. Membership is down by about 1/3, which makes me a bit sad but it happens, especially in light of the changes made on the actual show. So, here is the yearly challenge.


     This is real loose here. Someone is celebrating or mourning the third anniversary of anything. Yes, anyone - anything, so long as there is Gunn/Wesley interaction of some kind.


The Second Anniversary Challenge is now closed.

     February 20, 2003 was be the two year anniversary of the Gunn/Wesley Archive. We've been through some major changes, and some minor ones. We've moved addresses a couple of times, and moved the list once. The last move, along with some, ah, interesting turns that the show has made, has brought membership and submissions down. So, here we issued a challenge.


Tradition by DangerMouse