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Dae@dae.slashcity.tv dae.slashcity.tv
Title: Getting Through the Night text
Notes: Companion to *kee's To Touch Him which can be found on the list archive (look under S) and our page.
Rating: R
Title: Lights', Camera and One More Regret. . . text
Notes: It all started with a question: "So do you think he knew the camera was on?"
Rating: SLASH but pre-slash, only PG
Written with *kee.
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dangermouse42@yahoo.com http://www.rose-tinted.net/dangermouse
Title: Comfort text
Rating: P*-13 just because of the slash. Nothing graphic.
Warning: Angst
Spoilers: Everything up to "Supersymmetry"
Title: Just for a Moment text
Summary: At the end of "Sleep Tight," Wes can't do much else besides think.
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Notes: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's been done. It's been done a lot. Everybody and their Uncle has written a story on Wes's thoughts at the end of "Sleep Tight." Well, here's my guess. So there.
Spoilers: "Sleep Tight"
Title: Shattered text
Summary: Wesley is not quite coping with what he saw in "Waiting in the Wings"
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Notes: Fairly short. I'd almost venture to say ficlet length. But I like it. This is my first fic posting to this list. Be fair.
Title: Tradition text
Summary: Gunn and Wesley meet together again to celebrate a small tradition.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: A little season four, but nothing specific.
Notes: My response to the Gunn/Wes Anniversary challenge.
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Dr. Lense
drlense@hotmail.com No Website Given
Title: Scribe text
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Set immediately post season 1. Pre-slash. No Pairing.
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gil-galad@blueyonder.co.uk http://www.angelfire.com/falcon/dusk
Title: What Gives, Anyway? text
Summary: Cordelia and Fred discuss a strange trend.
Rating: PG
Comments: Set some time after season 2, although not actually in season 3 because I haven't seen any of that yet. 'Ways to get through a boring day at work, in 1000 words or less' (self-challenged and written during, yup, a boring day at work.)
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