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Title: Feel text
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Wes is not the man others think him to be.
Notes: Companion piece to "See."
Title: See text
Summary: Gunn's eyes are opened after "There's No Place Like Plz Grb."
Notes: Companion piece to "Feel."
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Lilac Girl
lilac_girl@comcast.net http://mywebpages.comcast.net/godawfulstories
Title: By the Rivers Dark text
Summary: He isn't gay.
Rating : PG13
Title: Not Gay text
Summary: Gunn offers Wesley some comfort after the events in "Linage".
Rating : PG13
Spoilers: "Linage" Season 5
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Liz Harris
lizz140@yahoo.com http://www.envy.nu/fallenfaith
Title: Blush text
Rating: pg-13
Notes: just a little nothing that i've ben working on cause i'm in a dry spell and apparently so is everyone else. unbetaed.
Title: Apocolypse Then text
Summary: Takes place just after Angelís slated apocolypse, Wes, Gunn, Cordy have to deal.
Notes: The poem is ĎO Captain! My Captainí by Walt Whitman
Title: Locusts text
Note: The line about apple polishing came from the movie Dogma, it just seemed to fit.
Rating: R
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