Title: Soap and Water
Author: Kath vze25s65@verizon.net
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, Mutant Enemy, et al.
Rating: NC-17; m/m interaction
Summary: Wes takes a shower. Gunn joins him. Sex happens.
Spoilers: Not really.
Feedback: You know you want to.
Notes: Believe it or not, I stole the title from a Suzanne Vega CD.
Notes: Thank to Indalia for the beta and our new friendship. :)


Wesley stood under the shower, rivulets of water cascading down his face onto his chest and shoulders. He finally allowed himself to relax, as the heat and sting of the spray penetrated his aching muscles. A long day hunched over his books had led to an even longer night, culminating in a knock-down, drag-out battle against a horde of Breel....a particularly vicious subspecies characterized by their prehensile tails and ability to see out the back of their heads.

It had not been pretty.

As exhausted as he was, Wesley could still feel the after effects of adrenaline pumping through his veins, making him twitchy and on edge. His mind wanted to sleep, craved sleep, but his body demanded something else first. The slim man closed his eyes and slowly began to run one hand up and down his soapy chest, while the other stroked at his stomach, then moved down to tickle the sensitive skin of his inner thighs. In his mind, another person's hands were doing the touching. Strong hands with thick, dark fingers. Hands that remembered just how he liked it.

Wes had no illusions about his nights with Charles. Two men, fighting for their lives every day, with no hopes of ever having 'normal' relationships, they had discovered a way to help each other. Nights in the shower, soap-slick hands gliding along each other's skin, removing the last vestiges of blood and slime, left behind a soft tingle and a burning ache for more contact. Sex born from friendship. There were worse things. Daring to hope for more at this juncture would only lead to heartache. However, no one had bothered to mention that to his heart, which tended to leap wildly these days, just at the sight of his friend.

Pushing all thoughts from his mind but those of Gunn's hands touching him...cupping him...stroking him, Wesley moaned softly. He was oblivious to the sudden swish of the shower curtain opening and the burst of cool air that came with it, until it dawned on him slowly that a second pair of hands had a firm, yet gentle, grip on his hips.


"Hey, English," came the soft reply, followed by the sweet smile that always made his pulse beat faster. "You went and started without me. What's up with that?"

Wesley studied the muscular, naked form before him, the expression on his face clearly warring between confusion and desire. "But...when we parted at the office, I thought you said you were heading home." At the time, Wesley had barely managed to hide his disappointment, something which had been somewhat of a startling revelation. He'd always valued his solitude, even as a child, but now being alone meant not being with Gunn, and the need to be with Gunn was rapidly becoming a priority in his life.

Wes felt himself being pulled forward, and leaned in until his naked body was flush against Gunn's. This was what he wanted, the sensation he'd been seeking.

"Changed my mind. Couldn't get you outta my head tonight. Wonder why that is?" Gunn chuckled, running his fingertips along Wesley's spine with one hand, cupping his ass with the other.

"I couldn't imagine." Wesley wiggled against him with pleasure and reached down to grasp both their erections, stroking slowly, then picking up speed as their hips ground together. He rested his forehead on Gunn's shoulder, groaning loudly, Gunn's breathing coming in sharp gasps at his ear. They'd done this many times before, and it was always good, but tonight...

Perhaps it was exhaustion knocking down his carefully constructed barriers, or the surprise of Gunn being there, after Wes had resigned himself to being alone. Perhaps there was just a limit to the amount of affection one person could have for another before it was forced to surface. All Wesley knew was that tonight he needed more...needed a stronger connection. Feeling himself to be nearing the point of release, Wesley suddenly pulled back and pressed his lips to Gunn's.

They'd never kissed before - some sort of unspoken agreement - but he couldn't help himself. He wanted Gunn. *Craved* Gunn. Wesley pressed both palms to his face and held him there, until Charles, startled, pulled away to stare at him.

"Damn, English." Charles reached up to thread his fingers through Wes' wet hair.

"Yes. Damn. Yes." Wesley's eyes were locked on Gunn's. He felt as if he'd forgotten how to move.

There wasn't time for any more words before Gunn was kissing him back, just as eagerly. Skin on skin, cock rubbing against cock, and that was all it took to send both men over the edge. They stood together for a long time afterward, embracing and kissing until the water grew cold. Only then did the two of them reluctantly part.

Somehow they managed to turn the water off and get out of the shower without breaking eye contact. Grabbing a towel off the rack, Charles began to vigorously rub first Wesley, then himself dry. "C'mon." He took Wes by the hand and lead him towards the bedroom. At the edge of the bed they paused to kiss again before pulling back the sheets and falling in a tangle onto the mattress. Only then did they take a moment to breathe.

Lying side by side, Gunn stroked lightly at Wes' cheek. "You don't gotta go lookin' so surprised, y'know," he scolded lightly.

"It's just that," Wesley struggled to find the proper words. "I didn't think...I never believed you would..." he trailed off.

"What? Want you? Want more from you than a good fuck?" As always, Gunn cut to the heart of the matter.

"But you...I thought you only *wanted* a casual relationship."

"And I thought, after Virginia and all, that's what *you* wanted.

Understanding set in, and Wesley felt a broad grin spreading across his face. He turned his head to kiss Gunn's palm and laughed. "We've been a right pair of gits, haven't we?"

"Nah," Gunn grinned back. "Just careful."

Feeling giddily happy, Wesley snuggled close, wrapping his arm around Gunn's waist and burying his face in his chest. Closing his eyes, he was content to lay still, his skin soaking up Gunn's heat where their bodies touched. Charles waited a minute or two, but nothing else happened.

"Uh, Wes?" A slight snore soon rumbled against the younger man's chest. Gunn looked down in surprise. "Well, damn. You would fall asleep at a time like this." He smiled to himself and kissed the top of Wes' head tenderly. "Guess that's what I get for makin' you so comfortable." There was little else he could do but close his eyes, pull Wesley closer, and drift off to sleep himself.


~~~The End~~~


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