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Title: Race Relations text
Notes: This is answer to challenge 139 at YGTS? Even though this was betaed, all mistakes are mine, and I claim them willingly.
Rating: PG-13 + m/m interaction
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Title: Alone text
Spoilers: Through Sleep Tight
Summary: Everyone has their own idea of what was going through Wes' mind at the end of that episode. This is mine.
Rating: PG-13
Title: Chance Encounters text
Summary: Let's go back in time and play with history a bit.
Notes: This is obviously AU. Sort of a 'what if...?" fic. Hope you enjoy.
Rating: G; no shippy pairings, I swear!
Title: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon text
Summary: Wes and Gunn go to the movies. Gunn's POV.
Notes: My first fic with Gunn as a major player.  Hope I did okay.
Rating: NC-17 m/m slash
Title: Deconstructing Demons text
Summary: Gunn and Wes do some cleaning up around the hotel.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: This is a 'missing scene' from Shiny Happy People so, yeah, spoilers for that ep and all the ones before it.
Notes: Thanks to DubDub for the beta and the title. This is my first finished fic in a year, so I really want to know what you think. Thanks!
Title: Fun In The Sun text
Summary: The AI Gang takes a day off.
Notes: This is a harmless piece of fluff, to help get through my writers block. It's unbetaed, so all mistakes are entirely my own.
Rating: R
Title: Home text
Summary: Gunn contemplates making some changes in his life.
Notes: Lame title, I know, but it seemed to fit what I wrote, so I went with it.
Rating: G
Title: Home Is Where The Heart Is text
Summary: Gunn tries to cheer up Wes. Revelations occur.
Notes: This is for Dae, who is having a crappy week.
Rating: PG, despite m/ slashy undertones
Title: How's Tricks? text
Summary: Wes feels left out....and then he doesn't.
Notes: This is a silly little piece of fluff, to honor the holiday. Totally unbetaed, so forgive any silly mistakes.
Rating: R I guess. There is m/m contact.
Title: In The Dark text
Summary: It doesn't really need one.
Notes: Takes place at the Hyperion.  My first dialog-only fic, and a really silly one at that.
Rating: PG
Title: Mountain High text
Notes: Let's say this takes place sometime between 'That Old Gang Of Mine' and 'Billy'.
Rating: NC-17
Title: Play Date text
Summary: You have to read it to believe it. This goes beyond AU, into bizarro land, where anything is possible.
Notes: One little comment from Indalia, and this is the result. Please, IGNORE all the obvious impossibilities, and accept this for what it is: an unbeta-ed blather that hopefully will make you smile.
Thank to Indalia for the beta and our new friendship. :)
Rating: as G as you can possibly get.
Title: Soap and Water text
Summary: Wes takes a shower. Gunn joins him. Sex happens.
Notes: Believe it or not, I stole the title from a Suzanne Vega CD.
Thank to Indalia for the beta and our new friendship. :)
Rating: NC-17; m/m interaction
Title: Someone text
Summary: Wes/Gu There have been a few changes in Wesley's life.
Notes: Completely unbetaed and off the top of my head. A little different than my usual style, so I hope you like it.
Rating: PG
Title: Too Late text
Summary: Wesley thinks about what he's found out.
Notes: My take on what was REALLY going on in 'Provider'.
Rating: G (I'm getting into a rut here)
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Title: Birthdayverse Series
Title: The Reality of Absence text
Summary: Angel loses a friend. Gunn finds one.
Rating: PG for gore and hints of slashiness
Notes: This is the first story in an intended Birthdayverse series.
Title: Distorted Reflections text
Summary: There's nothing like a demon pregnancy to determine who the really champions are.
Rating: PG-13 for violence and foul language
Series: Sequel to "The Reality of Absence".
Title: All Talk text
Summary: Wesley rebuilds his life, Angel keeps losing control of his.
Rating: PG-13
Series: Sequel to "Distorted Reflections", which was the sequel to "The Reality of Absence".
Title: Living with phantoms text
Summary: Further insights to Wesley and the people around him.
Rating: PG13
Series: Sequel to "All Talk", which was the sequel to "Distorted Reflections", which was the sequel to "The Reality of Absence".
Title: Benign text
Summary: Telling good guys from bad guys is a lot harder than it looks.
Rating: R
Warning: There's het in this story. I'm sorry. It's among the slashiest het I've ever written, but it's still het.
Spoilers: For "The Prodigal", "The Ring", and obviously "Birthday".
Notes: Fifth in my Birthdayverse series. It took me long enough, but here it is.
Title: Out In The Open text
Summary: The rescue of Angel and its aftermaths.
Rating: PG-13 (mostly for violence, some for slashiness)
Series/Sequel: Sixth in my Birthdayverse series.
Title: Green Card text
Summary: ...and what to do when you lose yours.
Rating: mild PG13? Some slash, a bit of violence, that's all.
Series/Sequel: Seventh in my Birthdayverse series after "Out in the Open".
Title: The Visitors text
Summary: Faith turns up just as things are looking brighter.
Rating: R for sexuality and some description of torture.
Series/Sequel: Eighth in my Birthdayverse series after "Green Card".
Title: Assistance Required text
Summary: Buffy comes over to deal with the Faith situation. Gunn has no idea how to deal with the Wesley situation.
Rating: R for a sexual situation.
Series/Sequel: Ninth in my Birthdayverse series.
Title: Leaving text
Summary: The Sunnydale and L.A. people work together to get Faith out of the Watchers' hands and the country.
Rating: R for sexual situation.
Series/Sequel: Tenth in the Birthday series.
Title: Revelations text
Summary: As Angel struggles to reclaim his life, Gunn and Wesley find out more about each other.
Rating: R for sex and some violence.
Series/Sequel: 11th in the Birthdayverse realities.
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Title: Who I Am text
Summary: Wes thinks
Notes: Just something that came to me after watching that scene in 'Belonging', again :) Wes' POV
Rating: R
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