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Title: A Time to Regroup text
Summary: Wesley waits for his family to come for him.
Rating: Pg (angsty, slashy, AU)
Spoilers: Up to last episode of current seasons of both shows. (Buff/Angel)
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Title: Darts and Contradictions text
Summary: The mystery that is Wes, by Gunn.
Rating : Dunno. There's not even any swearing in this - I must be slipping.
Title: Elvis has left the Building text
Summary: Gunn and Wes wake up with hangovers in Las Vegas.
Rating : :snerk: Well, there's the memory of *lots* of alcohol
Notes: In response to stakebait's challenge to write gay marriage fic as a 'fuck you' to Marriage Protection Week.
Title: Order for Myself text
Summary : Remember the panther in the white room at the end of Home? Well, er... I decided the Senior Partners had sent a sign, dammit! A sign!
Rating : swearing and sex implied.
Fandom : Angel / The Sentinel
Pairing : Gunn/Wes, Jim/Blair
Title: Ring Cycle text
Summary: There's a nipple ring and you want *plot*? Gunn/Wes.
Rating : Sex. Swearing. Decide for yourself.
Title: Watch the Rain text
Summary : Gunn's not getting involved. He isn't.
Rating : Sex! Unexpurgated sex! Men having sex with other men!
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