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Mad Poetess
abbyty@lycos.com http://www.hawksong.com/users/mpoetess/stakes
Title: Domestic Piranhas
Written with James Walkswithwind
#8.5: Lost In Translation text
Summary: Wesley gets pissed off. Stuff happens.
Rating: R to NC-17
#9: Bachelor Party text
Summary: Spike and Xander throw, see title. Stuff happens.
Rating: R-ish
#10.5: The Morning After text
Summary: There has to be a morning after. Angel has it. Stuff happens.
Rating: R
#11.5: And Truth In Every Shepherd's Tongue text
Summary: Wesley sends a letter from England. Stuff happens.
Rating: NC-17
#12.5: Date Night One -- Gunn text
Summary: Date night. Gunn called it. Stuff happens.
Rating: NC-17
#12.572: Date Night Two -- Angel text
Summary: Date night. With bow ties. Stuff happens.
Rating: NC-17
Title: Pillow text
Summary: Gunn. Wes. What's left.
Rating: R for language
Spoilers: Through "Forgiving"
Title: Son of Small Fry
Chapters 1-4 text Chapters 5-8 text Chapters 9-13 text Chapter 14-18 text
Chapter 19-23 text Chapter 24-27 text
Sequel: to Small Fry, findable at http://www.jbx.com/~gila/angelbuf.htm or http://www.jbx.com/~boethius/forged/stakes.html
Summary: The Scooby Gang has recovered from touching the thing they shouldn't have touched, and they touch it again. This time on purpose.
Rating: PG15
Title: Wesley Rogue Demon
Part1 text Part 2 text
Summary: Wesley's past catches up to him.
Rating: PG15
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Mary Ellen
emmy2@salsgiver.com No Website given
Title: Confession
Part 1: Penance text
Summary: Gunn feels some guilt.
Rating: PG-13 for slash, language
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meccastu@yahoo.com No Website given
Title: Oh, Baby text
Catagory: Drabble
Title: Where Would you get that Idea? text
Summary: Cordelia and Angel realize something about their co-workers
Rating: PG and that's stretching it. G really. Slash
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meribeth@aesiraven.com No Website given
Title: Keeping Company text
Summary: The first story... a bit of office teasing gets out of hand... or does it?
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Wes/Fred/Gunn
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mosca6@mailcity.com http://mosca.freeservers.com/fanfic/
Title: A Far Better Fate Than Wisdom text
Summary: Wes and Gunn find each other in the night.
Rating: NC-17 for sex and violence
Notes: This story was written for the 2002 Secret Slasha exchange, for katyd.
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