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James Walkswithwind
giladajames@highstream.net http://perian.slashcity.org/gila
Title: An Object Among Dreams text
Summary: Post-ep missing scene (That Old Gang of Mine)
Rating: PG
Title: Apocalypse text
Summary: it's one page long, with no warnings. You need a summary? :-)
Rating: PG
Title: Black on White text
Summary: Translations of evil intent. And a blow-job for someone.
Rating: R
Title: Divine Intervention text
Summary: Alt!Wesley and Alt!Gunn, from the episode 'Birthday'.
Rating: PG13
Title: Domestic Piranhas
Written with the Mad Poetess
#8.5: Lost In Translation text
Summary: Wesley gets pissed off. Stuff happens.
Rating: R to NC-17
#9: Bachelor Party text
Summary: Spike and Xander throw, see title. Stuff happens.
Rating: R-ish
#10.5: The Morning After text
Summary: There has to be a morning after. Angel has it. Stuff happens.
Rating: R
#11.5: And Truth In Every Shepherd's Tongue text
Summary: Wesley sends a letter from England. Stuff happens.
Rating: NC-17
#12.5: Date Night One -- Gunn text
Summary: Date night. Gunn called it. Stuff happens.
Rating: NC-17
#12.572: Date Night Two -- Angel text
Summary: Date night. With bow ties. Stuff happens.
Rating: NC-17
Title: For the Mind is Hollow and I Have Touched This Guy
Part 0 text Part 1 text
Summary: Wesley goes about his day, with the help of his friends.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: See part 0 for spoiler warnings.
Title: Green With Envy text
Summary: Wesley has to cast a spell to defeat some demons.
Rating: PG (about as slashy as the eps...)
Warning: songfic...sorta. ;-) I mean, you don't *have* to dl the files.
Title: Mary, Mary text
Summary: Wesley has to cast a spell to defeat some demons.
Rating: PG (about as slashy as the eps...)
Warning: songfic...sorta. ;-) I mean, you don't *have* to dl the files.
Title: Octave, Sestet, Syllable text
Summary: Wesley reflects and acts on the events of "Couplet".
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Er. Yes. Angst? Dark? No happy ending? Something like that.
Title: On Pain of Failure text
Summary: Post "Billy", missing scene.
Rating: PG13
Title: Red Peppers and Wine text
Rating: PG
Notes: set before There's No Place Like Pylea (or however it's spelled) To whit: set Pre-Fred.
Title: Scene Shots
Summary: Single scenes of the lives of Wesley and Gunn
  1. Beside the Midday Sun text
    Rating: G

  2. Beside the Sun in the Afternoon text
    Rating: G

  3. Beside the Morning Sun text
    Rating: NC-17

  4. Beside the Evening Sun text
    Rating: G

  5. Beside the Sun of Dusk text
    Rating: G

  6. Beside the Sun at Dawn text
    Rating: G

  7. Beside the Rising Sun text
    Rating: PG

  8. Beside the Setting Sun text
    Rating: PG
Title: Someone He Loves text
Rating: G
Warning: depressing
Summary: perspective piece for Wesley
Title: Son of Small Fry
Chapters 1-4 text Chapters 5-8 text Chapters 9-13 text Chapter 14-18 text
Chapter 19-23 text Chapter 24-27 text
Sequel: to Small Fry, findable at http://perian.slashcity.org/gila or http://www.hawksong.com/users/mpoetess/stakes
Summary: The Scooby Gang has recovered from touching the thing they shouldn't have touched, and they touch it again. This time on purpose.
Rating: PG15
Title: Wesley Rogue Demon
Part1 text Part 2 text
Summary: Wesley's past catches up to him.
Rating: PG15
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Jane St Clair
janestclair15@hotmail.com http://www.ravenswing.com/~mirrorgirl/door.html
Title: Restaurant Dogs
Title: Chaparral text
Summary: Wizards are trouble.
Rating: NC-17
Title: Restaurant Dogs text
Summary: The sun's coming up / And I'm riding with Lady Luck / Freeway, cars and trucks / Stars beginning to fade . . .
Rating: NC-17
Title: Wired text
Summary: Morning. Or evening, depending on your point of view.
Rating: NC-17
Title: Raspberry Swirl text
Summary: Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.
Rating: NC-17
Title: Oceanus text
Summary: Possession.
Rating: NC-17
Title: Watchtower text
Summary: On the subject of Wesley's swimwear.
Rating: PG-13
Title: Glass text
Summary: Insight.
Rating: NC-17
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thete1@earthlink.net janestclair15@hotmail.com http://www.strangeplaces.net/te/index.html http://www.ravenswing.com/~mirrorgirl/door.html
Title: A Question of Style text
Summary: Wes does some thinking and such.
Rating: NC-17
Authors' Note: We love them. Lots. And Te promises to stop wounding Gunn in the shoulder. Someday.
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Jei Nic
JediNic@bigfoot.com No Website given
Title: CFU text
Summary: Wes thinks.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Tiny ficlet, inspired by the most recent episode.
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JennaStan@aol.com No Website given
Title: Never Knew text
Summary: Gunn's thoughts on losing Wesley.
Rating: PG-13, language, slashy thoughts, character death.
Note: AU. Thanks to Kassie for the beta.
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Jennifer Allen
movigrrl@hotmail.com No Website given
Title: Again text
Summary: A late night visit to Gunn's after Waiting In The Wings.
Rating: NC-17 PWP
Spoilers: Waiting In The Wings, but not directly.
Title: That Goo Stuff text
Summary: Gunn figures some things out with the help of a demon's fingernails. (Sorry, I suck at summaries.)
Rating:PG-13, for violence and m/m interaction.
Note: Not betaed, so all mistakes mine. Oh, and this is my first posted fic in this excellent fandom, so please be gentle.
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Jessica Harris
lumpj@hotmail.com No Website given
Title: Wesley's Liberal Guilt text
Author's Note: OK, this came out of a discussion on Remember Us, and a resulting discussion with Te about the terrible writer's block that can be produced by liberal guilt, and, well, this is what resulted from it...
Ratings Note: PG-13.
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spikexanderbabe@hotmail.com No Website given
Title: It sucks, bites and licks... text
Notes: in this little world, the gang realized that they work in a hotel which is very big, and roomy and rent free...
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jodia@intergate.ca No Website given
Title: Confession
Part 1: Penance text
Summary: Gunn feels some guilt.
Rating: PG-13 for slash, language
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justhuman111@hotmail.com http://justhuman111.tripod.com
Title: Backstage at the Ballet text
Spoiler: Up to "Waiting in the Wings"
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn/Fred
Rating: PG-15
Title: Den Mother text
Summary: It's Cordelia's point of view on life in a pack of demon slayers.
Pairing: Cordelia POV, Wesley/Gunn, Cordelia/Angel implied
Rating: NC-17 (m/m slash, kinda)
Title: Lightning text
Pairing: Wesley/Gunn
Rating: NC-17 (happy, m/m slash)
Title: Night Off text
Summary: How the best-laid plans go awry.
Rating: R (m/m slash)
Title: Trust, Layer by Layer text
Summary: Gunn needs his best friend back.
Rating: NC17
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